Oct. 28th, 2014




By Robert Shearman




The Tale Of The Foolish King: Part I

Once upon a time, in a land not too dissimilar to ours, there lived a king, and he was a good king in an age when good was something of an unfashionable rarity. He was very, very wise and very, very powerful, but he was also very, very old, and he realised that for all his great wisdom and his great power, he would soon have to leave his kingdom once and for all, and make the journey to the outside world of infinite darkness. And so, on the eve of his departure, when his physicians had finished all their head shaking, and his wives had wrung as many tears from their eyes as they could, he called his son and heir to his side.

“Everything you see is yours to command,” he said. “But be advised that better slaves are those who still believe they taste some freedom. Play the tyrant, but you must inspire love as well as fear.”

Yet the son cared not for his words, and when the corpse had been dispatched, with much pomp and fireworks, to the darker realms outside, the new king resolved to stretch the limits of his authority. He gathered all the people before him and told them that their every thought must match his thought. No will should exist save his will, and people being people, they agreed. Those that didn’t vanished in the night, and their families soon learned to pretend that they had never existed, but still the king was not content. So, he instructed the animals in his kingdom that they must now obey his commands. Horses should bark, dogs should mew, fish should fly from tree to tree exactly as he desired, and animals being animals, they agreed. Some of the pigs had to be culled, but no one minded because they tasted so lip-smackingly good, and the cats had to go because no one can tell a cat anything. But soon the people and the animals lived in perfect harmony. Their lives precise expressions of the whims of their lord.

~End Intro~

Part I

Charley: Oh, no… Doctor! Doctor, where are you?
Are you in there?
The door…can’t…
Doctor, please!
Something’s wrong with the TARDIS!
Everything’s wrong with the TARDIS, quite probably… Doctor! The door’s jammed, I couldn’t get in!
The Doctor: The door isn’t jammed.

CHARLEY: Doctor!

The Doctor: You can’t open the door because there’s nothing behind it anymore, you see?
There’s nothing there.

CHARLEY: What are you doing on the floor?
Are you hurt? I didn’t see you down there.

DOCTOR: Of course, you didn’t. That was the idea. I’m hiding.

CHARLEY: Oh, I see.

DOCTOR: Get down behind the console with me, so you can hide too.

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DOCTOR: You've betrayed me! You betrayed all that I gave up for you. And I can't forgive you that. Not yet. I... Well, I'm not sure I can ever forgive you that.


CHARLEY: But if you love me, then you understand why I had to come with you. Why I couldn't be left behind. Because I love you too. I need you. I couldn't go on without you.


DOCTOR: I shouldn't have let you love me. It's killed you.




DOCTOR: I've murdered you.


CHARLEY: No, no! Whatever has happened is better this way.


DOCTOR: Your love for me has killed you, just as mine for you has killed me. What was the point of all that love? What was it for?


CHARLEY: Doctor, no. Don't be angry with me.


DOCTOR: I never wanted to see you again. You understand?


CHARLEY: Yes, I understand.

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