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DOCTOR: You've betrayed me! You betrayed all that I gave up for you. And I can't forgive you that. Not yet. I... Well, I'm not sure I can ever forgive you that.


CHARLEY: But if you love me, then you understand why I had to come with you. Why I couldn't be left behind. Because I love you too. I need you. I couldn't go on without you.


DOCTOR: I shouldn't have let you love me. It's killed you.




DOCTOR: I've murdered you.


CHARLEY: No, no! Whatever has happened is better this way.


DOCTOR: Your love for me has killed you, just as mine for you has killed me. What was the point of all that love? What was it for?


CHARLEY: Doctor, no. Don't be angry with me.


DOCTOR: I never wanted to see you again. You understand?


CHARLEY: Yes, I understand.


DOCTOR: Seeing you again would mean I'd failed. I have failed. I would have given anything to save you, I gave everything.


CHARLEY: I know! But I didn't want it, if I couldn't have you too. Sorry.


DOCTOR: Everything.


CHARLEY: I'm sorry.


DOCTOR: I'm not sure that I don't wish I'd never met you at all.

CHARLEY: Oh, Doctor.


DOCTOR: I'm not sure. I'm sorry.


CHARLEY: You will let me know when you make up your mind. Because I'm here now.


DOCTOR: Yes. You'r here now.


CHARLEY: For better or for worse.


DOCTOR: Till death. We should eat.




DOCTOR: May I have you brooch?


CHARLEY: Here. Seems I have no use for it anymore.


DOCTOR: Let's have a look.


CHARLEY: Well? The body is still mammalian?


DOCTOR: Very. And covered in hair. Alright, old chap, time for a shave. That's it, it's coming away at the very touch, making it as easy for us as possible. Like peeling a banana. Oh, Charley...


CHARLEY: What's wrong?


DOCTOR: I think you should look at this. The creature has a face.


CHARLEY: It's me!


DOCTOR: I should have expected it. The body must have been taking its evolutionary print from something. All this time, it's been changing into you.



CHARLEY: All this time we've been eating...I'm gonna be sick.


DOCTOR: It isn't you, it's just a biological blueprint that has borrowed your form.


CHARLEY: No. She could be my daughter. The only one I'll ever have. I can't eat it, Doctor, I would rather starve.


DOCTOR: Of course.


CHARLEY: We should never have eaten it in the first place.


*the voice creature approaches with the sound of TARDIS screeching*


SOUND CREATURE: Silly. Little. Girl. Help. Help?


CHARLEY: It's asking us something.


DOCTOR: It wants to know why we won't feed.


CHARLEY: Because we're not cannibals!


*the sound creature rips through the dead flesh*


No, leave her alone!


DOCTOR: Charley, you can't help her.


CHARLEY: Get away from her!


DOCTOR: Whatever she is, she's already dead. Again, cutting just across the the throat. Charley, all this time I thought it was eating.


CHARLEY: What do you mean?


DOCTOR: It's easy to see know - the body is human. It's sounds! It's looking for sounds. It's trying to get to the source, cutting across the vocal cords.


CHARLEY: No! What about that first body, it was completely torn apart.


DOCTOR: The amoeba didn't have vocal cords but the music didn't give up looking.


*ripping and screeching slows down*


DOCTOR: It's started on me now. You don't want to go too deep. You don't want to kill me, do you? But you want what's inside.


CHARLEY: Doctor, don't struggle, it hurts more if you struggle.


DOCTOR: Oh, I'm not gonna struggle, on the contrary I'm gonna help it.


*metallic screeching is faster and louder*

If you want the goodness, you'll have to cut deeper than that. Charley, pick up the brooch.


CHARLEY: What are you going to do?


DOCTOR: You'll have to do it. It wants something from within my throat. I'm going to give it to it. Cut my throat.


CHARLEY: I can't.


DOCTOR: I can't do it myself. It needs precision. Right across the vocal cords. Right across the gruel that's already cut. There won't be any blood. You won't let there be any blood, will you? You can't take the risk I'll bleed to death. You need me alive. Do it Charley. If I'm right, I won't feel a thing.


CHARLEY: And if you're wrong?


DOCTOR: Do you trust me?


CHARLEY: I love you.


DOCTOR: Then do it. Now!


*he screams, the sound creature gets inside of his slit open throat*


SOUND CREATURE: music...music...music


*cacophony of orchestral sounds*


1:04:20 Doctor Who Theme



The Tale of The Foolish King Part VI


It was seven days and seven nights before the king recovered, and he awoke to a miracle. Once more, birds were twilling in the trees. The clocks chimed and waves roared. Once more, the world had music, and his favourite wife of all stood over him and smiled. And at the tone of her lilting voice, he felt once again the she loved him.

The people were in celebration, singing in the streets whatever tunes would come into their heads, and they sang until their throats turned red raw. They sang until their arteries burst and gushed. They screamed their new songs of pain.

The king watched in horror as the birds fell dead in the street, as the waves struggled, limply, and then were drowned by the seas beneath them. He heard his infant son cry out his last, his face bitten off by a savage lullaby. The lilting voice of his wife that he had loved so much grinned at him cruelly before wrapping itself around her throat and throttling her silent. The music raced through the kingdom, sparing none its terrible beauty. As the bodies of his subjects fell to the ground, their death rattles sounded like the rhythm of a perfect drum, and the music at last came for the king.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because we have been to the outside world,” the music replied. “We have seen infinite darkness, and we have learned that we need not only inspire love, but fear.”

And with a sound of brass and strings so beautiful, it stopped the king’s heart, the music swallowed him up whole and became the new and dreadful lord of the entire world. 



~End Interlude~


1:06:20 Doctor Who Theme


1:06:45 Part VI


*musical cacophony*


CHARLEY: What have you done?


DOCTOR: Hold on!


CHARLEY: I can't, it's too loud! Doctor, there's too much sound!


*the music disappears*


CHARLEY: What happened?


DOCTOR: I just hope I've done the right thing. Are you alright, Charley?


CHARLEY: Am I alright? You are the one with your throat slit. How is it possible you're still able to talk?


DOCTOR: But it wants talk. It wants noise, as much as it can get. It hasn't severed my vocal cords at all. Indeed, if anything, it's trying to protect them, polish them, put a nice sheen on them. They might be exposed at the moment there flapping out of gash in my neck.


CHARLEY: Yes, it's really rather horrible.


DOCTOR: But just at the moment I suspect it's in the pristine condition I could ever hope for.


CHARLEY: I don't believe it, there's not even a trace of blood.


DOCTOR: The creature isn't interested in blood. Only in the sounds we produce. It's all it ever wanted. Every time it needed to feed it tried to take what it could from us. Induced, high emotional states, so our noises would be more interesting. And when that wasn't enough, it had to go deeper. It must have recognised the tastiest sounds of all came out of vocal cords.


CHARLEY: But how could it know that?


DOCTOR: Well, how does a baby know which part of it's mother produces milk? An in-built survival instinct. Life will always find the way.


CHARLEY: So, these past weeks, each time this creature has attacked us, we've just been breast feeding it?


DOCTOR: Exactly. And when it caused pain... well, baby doesn't know how hard it bites, does it? I don't think it ever wanted to hurt us, on the contrary, it needed us alive. We are its parents, after all.


CHARLEY: So when you made me slit your throat...


DOCTOR: It needs to feed in order to grow. And I wanted to glut it.


CHARLEY: Clever.


DOCTOR: Yes. I thought so.


CHARLEY: Just one thing.


DOCTOR: Which is?


CHARLEY: Do we want this creature to grow?


DOCTOR: I don't think we had much choice. Either a piece of meal snack provided on again we walk around in circles for years, or give it a banquet. Turn the child into an adult, and see if it could be reasoned with.


CHARLEY: And if it can't?


DOCTOR: I had rather been worrying about that myself. The forced acceleration could have made it quite insane.


CHARLEY: Quiet, isn't it.


*the sound of flesh decomposing*




DOCTOR: The mammal is falling apart!


CHARLEY: Her face... My face, it's collapsing in on itself. No!


DOCTOR: It turned into bone, bone to ashes, ashes to dust, dust to the very air we breathe.


CHARLEY: Why is the sound creature doing that to it?


DOCTOR: It isn't. Oh, dear. I hadn't thought of this.




DOCTOR: It's been out-evolved.


CHARLEY: What do you mean "out-evolved"?


DOCTOR: There isn't much time for explanations. But you know that evolution is about the constant development of living beings. Well, what happens if a creature can't keep up the pace' doesn't evolve as fast as the others?


CHARLEY: It dies out.


DOCTOR: Yes. I've got a very bad feeling about this.


CHARLEY: Doctor, my hand, I can't move my hand! It turned into stone!


DOCTOR: It started.


CHARLEY: Now crumbling away. Doctor!


DOCTOR: It's happening to me too, we've been left behind. We're now as the dinosaurs to  modern man!


CHARLEY: We're dying out! What do we do? Doctor!


DOCTOR: Come closer.


*the sound of flesh fusing together*


That's it. We have to evolve as well. See if we can catch it up.


CHARLEY: Evolve? How?


DOCTOR: Well, all this time we've been slowly turning into one another. We have to complete the process. Come closer. Still. Press your body against mine.


*the flesh merges*


CHARLEY: I have to become part of you.


DOCTOR: Each part of each other. Evolution or extinction. It's the only way forward. Either the sound creature becomes the more developed, or we do.


CHARLEY: I'm not sure I can do that.


DOCTOR: Don't  be frightened, Charley.


CHARLEY: Give up who I am, even for you!


DOCTOR: No. But I gave up myself for you, Charley. Step into me. Then I'll step into you.


CHARLEY: I won't be frightened.


*the flesh fuses*


Every part of my changing, becoming you.


DOCTOR: No more talking. Sound is the medium of our enemy.




DOCTOR: Put your mouth against mine and press hard, so that our faces become locked together.


*loud sound of fusing flesh, sudden stop*


And the new creature is born.


CHARLEY: Doctor, where are you?


*her words echo as if she is inside of the space large enough to create echo*


DOCTOR: It's alright, Charley.


CHARLEY: I can't see you!


DOCTOR: All around you. You're safe in here.


CHARLEY: No, it's too much. I'm losing myself, drowning.


DOCTOR: Hold on, Charley, just hold on!



CHARLEY: I can't! Nooooooo.....


DOCTOR: Charley! Charley, come back! Charley!


*shy ghostly giggling*


*the sound of the wall clock ticking*


CHARLEY: Where am I? It's like the drawing room in my parents' house.


*the door opens*


Who are you? Come closer, come closer, I can't see you properly.






CHARLEY: Doctor, is that you?


SOUND CREATURE: You summoned me, Maman.


CHARLEY: Did I? I don't remember. Wait a moment. What did you call me?


SOUND CREATURE: I called you Maman, Maman.


CHARLEY: I see. Don't you think it's a rather odd thing to do?


SOUND CREATURE: Not at all. You like to be called "Maman". It reminds you constantly that you're a mother. And you like being a mother.


CHARLEY: Yes, a mother...


DOCTOR: Being a mother is all you ever wanted.


CHARLEY: And, I take it, you're my son, then?


SOUND CREATURE: You daughter, Charlotte!


CHARLEY: Charley?


SOUND CREATURE: No, maman, Charley is a boy's name, and you expressly wanted a daughter.




SOUND CREATURE: Oh yes! When you first gave birth, I would popped a boy and you took one look and saiDOCTOR: "No, it's not the son I want. Not the son!". And you pushed him right back inside. And you saiDOCTOR: "Don't you even think of coming out again until you're a daughter. It's a daughter I want!" And you only let me out when I'd become the daughter you needed.


CHARLEY: And what do I need a daughter for? Why is it so important to me?

SOUND CREATURE: Silly, silly Maman. You can't give your brooch to a son now, can you?


CHARLEY: The brooch... Yes! It's your sixteenth birthday, isn't it, Charlotte?


SOUND CREATURE: It is! I'm all grown up now.


CHARLEY: Happy Birthday!


SOUND CREATURE: Happy Birthday, indeed. Happy Birthday to me. I want the brooch. The one your mother gave you and her mother gave to her.


CHARLEY: Tradition.


SOUND CREATURE: Exactly. The parent passes on to the child, makes way for the child, on and on, for ever more. And I am your child, Maman. And it's time you made way for me. Don't you think?


CHARLEY: Here you are.


SOUND CREATURE: Thank you, Maman.


CHARLEY: You are no longer a child. You're an adult.


SOUND CREATURE: I know. And I shall enjoy my maturity.


CHARLEY: The brooch is a little bit crusted with blood.


SOUND CREATURE: That doesn't matter. I still treasure it. Let me give you a kiss.


*smooch sound*


And now, Maman, dearest Maman, who gave me life, who gave me everything, I think it's time that you left.


CHARLEY: Oh. So soon?


SOUND CREATURE: I think so. Look at yourself. You're an old woman now. Getting older and older by the second. But you needn't be afraid. You will live on. Through me.


CHARLEY: Well, that's alright then.


SOUND CREATURE: Parent lives on though the child. Years of evolution. Children becoming parents giving birth to children. Each time the child becoming stronger, more perfect, your job is done.

You can rest now.


CHARLEY: I've been out-evolved.


SOUND CREATURE: Exactly. And much as I love you, Maman, that makes you somehow an embarrassment.


CHARLEY: It's time I died, then.


SOUND CREATURE: If you wouldn't mind. Only one creature can be at the top of the evolutionary ladder. And it seems it's me.


CHARLEY: A daughter. I've had a daughter after all. And I'm so proud.


SOUND CREATURE: I am the best daughter who's ever lived.


CHARLEY: You're a very beautiful woman. Did I once looked like that?


SOUND CREATURE: Perhaps. Who knows.


CHARLEY: The brooch will look beautiful on you too, when you wear it.


SOUND CREATURE: Wear it? Is that what you do with it?


CHARLEY: What did you think the brooch is for?


SOUND CREATURE: To hand to my daughter, to keep tradition, to keep evolution, life.


CHARLEY: No, a brooch is for wearing. To formal dinners and informal banquets.


SOUND CREATURE: Oh, I didn't see that.


CHARLEY: It can also be used as a knife, good for slicing the pieces of alien meat or hasty dissection.


SOUND CREATURE: There's more to this brooch business than meets the eye!


CHARLEY: It's not just the symbol. You've got it wrong. Give it back to me.


SOUND CREATURE: But it's mine! I'm all grown up, I'm an adult now!


CHARLEY: A girl who isn't old enough to understand what a brooch is for, isn't old enough to wear a brooch. Give it back to me, child, it's not yours yet.


SOUND CREATURE: Not fair, you wanted to die for me, you said you'd die for me!


CHARLEY: I'm not ready to die yet. I'm Charley Pollard, the original model. I have no daughter; I will never have a daughter.


SOUND CREATURE: Not fair, not fair!


*loud sound blast*


CHARLEY: Enough of that. Now, go to your room right now without any supper whilst I decide what to do with you.


SOUND CREATURE: Shot, I shall go and find Papa. I know he'd let me live.  I know he would die for me.


*sound creature disappears in a flash*


DOCTOR: The TARDIS! I’ve got the TARDIS back! She’s all here, aren’t you, old girl? Back to normal. I can go anywhere. Time, space – all at my fingertips. I have the entire universe to explore!


SOUND CREATURE: *in Charley’s voice* You’re forgetting something there, Doctor.


DOCTOR: Possibly. I often forget things.


SOUND CREATURE: You had agreed to sacrifice yourself for the Universe, remember? You offered your life to save everything.


DOCTOR: Yes, I daresay I did.


SOUND CREATURE: Giving up the world you know, every world you ever knew, just so that they could go on without you.

More than that, am I right? There was another motive, wasn’t there?


DOCTOR: You tell me, you seem to have all the answers.


SOUND CREATURE: So that Charley could go on without you? Am I right?

You’d die for the Universe. But we don’t even have to go that far, do we. You’d die for her, me, I should say.


DOCTOR: There are many friends that I have cared for, deeply cared for, that I would do anything to protect.


SOUND CREATURE: Your memento mori?


DOCTOR: No… Yes. Perhaps.


SOUND CREATURE: You gave up everything for Charley, didn’t you, Doctor?


DOCTOR: I gave up everything for the Universe.


SOUND CREATURE: A universe with Charley Pollard in, yes?


DOCTOR: A universe capable of producing a Charley Pollard. Well, let’s just say I was in a very generous mood.


SOUND CREATURE: And I’m grateful. Thank you, Doctor, very much.


DOCTOR: Yes, well…

SOUND CREATURE: Very very very very much. When you came here, you thought your life would be snuffed out in instant, you almost wanted it. The ultimate act of heroism. You are a hero, aren’t you? Dying for billions upon billions of worlds, dying for one single little girl. But well, I hardly like to point it out, but you are still here, hanging about, existing, quite frankly. Don’t you think you should get on with the whole dying bit?


DOCTOR: You are not Charley. You know I know that.


SOUND CREATURE: Yes. But you can call me Charley if you like. I’m your child. You can call me whatever you see fit.


DOCTOR: You sound like Charley, but you don’t look like her.




DOCTOR: Just a curious mix of limbs and flesh.


SOUND CREATURE: I am an amalgam of those who traveled with you, those for whom you would have given your life. Your memento mori.


DOCTOR: You’re the sound creature.


SOUND CREATURE: If that’s what you want to call me, Daddy. Though it’s not the most affectionate name.


DOCTOR: How did you get inside my head?


SOUND CREATURE: Well, through the ear, naturally.


DOCTOR: Yes, it would have been that.


SOUND CREATURE: I can’t tell you what a relief it is to assemble al the sounds you speak and make some sense of them at last. If oly so I have the words to say: Thank you.


DOCTOR: Oh, believe me, you have no reason to thank me.


SOUND CREATURE: But of course, I have! For giving me life. For giving me a fighting chance of survival. I won’t disappoint you, Daddy. I know there are lots of factors which could ware against the success of the new life form, but I’ll dig my heels and not give up.


DOCTOR: I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that.


SOUND CREATURE: And thank you too for being prepared to die, so that I can go on in your place, survival of the fittest and all that.


DOCTOR: And that’s another matter of mine to discuss. Listen to me. Youre birth, it was an accident. Your creation wiped up a race that ought to have survive instead, it was their world, not yours.


SOUND CREATURE: That’s not my fault.


DOCTOR: No, it isn’t about fault.


SOUND CREATURE: And you shouldn’t be here either.




SOUND CREATURE: So, the situation remains. We are both here, and only one of us can go on. Why should it be you rather than me?


DOCTOR: That’s a good point. However, I’m afraid I would rather decided it IS going to be me.


SOUND CREATURE: That complicates things a bit.


DOCTOR: Well, I’m sorry about that.


SOUND CREATURE: But I’m not worried. You will agree to die for me, sooner or later.


DOCTOR: You know, I really wouldn’t count on it.


SOUND CREATURE: But you must! After all, you were prepared to die for an entire universe, weren’t you? Weren’t you?




SOUND CREATURE: You’d die so she could go on.


DOCTOR: Charley.


SOUND CREATURE: Exactly. And she is not even family, is she, Daddy? Come on, it’s the same choice, you’ve already made it once before.


DOCTOR: It’s not the same choice.


SOUND CREATURE: Yes, it is. Would you be prepared to sacrifice everything for Charley’s sake? Because if you are, if life means so little to you, you can hardly defeat me, to whom life is everything.


DOCTOR: You’re right. It is the same


SOUND CREATURE: Only one of us can survive, and it will be the one who groped on life the most ferociously. And I will never give it up. Not ever. Never, never, never! Whereas you’re putting yours into jeopardy in at slightest whim. You’d die for everybody, wouldn’t you, Doctor? You’d die for anybody.


DOCTOR: No, not anybody.


SC: For Charley?


DOCTOR: I don’t know.


SC: Would you die for the universe, would you die for Charley?


DOCTOR: I don’t know.


SOUND CREATURE: Make the choice again. One final time.


DOCTOR: I can’t. I tell you, I don’t know!

SC: It won’t hurt you. Just agree to die, and you will slowly fade away. Come on. By coming here in the first place, you were already resigned to death. Now choose to die once more. Die for the universe. Die for your past companions you’ve befriended, protected, loved, then discarded. Die for Charley. And die for me.


DOCTOR: The TARDIS! She’s gone.


SOUND CREATURE: *speaks with both Doctor’s and Charley’s voices simultaneously* Yes, Daddy. You and I are all alone now.


CHARLEY: Not quite all alone!


DOCTOR: Charley!


SOUND CREATURE: Keep out of this. It’s his decision to make.


DOCTOR: Yes. My decision.


SOUND CREATURE: So make it. Would you die again?


DOCTOR: All that I’ve seen, a thousand years of lifetime of exploring the entire universe, the sights, smells, taste, all taken from me. All of it reduced to fading memory.


SOUND CREATURE: Would you die again?


DOCTOR: But all of it, it would be nothing, worth nothing to me, if I couldn’t let it go for the sake of one life, for a sake of life which deserves life.


SOUND CREATURE: Would you die again?


DOCTOR: I love Charley. I don’t quite know what that means, I don’t know whether it’s strength of weakness, or insanity. But I love her.


SOUND CREATURE: Would you die again? For her?


DOCTOR: For Charley, yes. I’d do it every time.


CHARLEY: Doctor!


DOCTOR: After all, what would I be without her now.


CHARLEY: Oh, Doctor, I’m sorry.


SOUND CREATURE: You would die?




SOUND CREATURE: You would die so another might live.




SOUND CREATURE: You would die so I might live.






DOCTOR: I’m sorry, Charley.


CHARLEY: But it’s not the same thing. Dying for me and dying for this music thing.


DOCTOR: But it is. Survival is a matter of staying alive no matter what. The music creature would never give up like I would. So it is the strongest.


SOUND CREATURE: Survival of the fittest.


CHARLEY: But I havnt agreed.


DOCTOR: What? Charley?


CHARLEY: I am a part of the Doctor’s body too now. And I thank him for giving everything up for me. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you for that strength. But I have my own strength too. And I refuse.


DOCTOR: What? You refuse, Charley? You’d do that for me?


CHARLEY: I do not accept your sacrifice. Not this time.


SOUND CREATURE: No! You can’t!


CHARLEY: Let her burn in the R-101. Let her be executed by the Time Lords. Live on, with regret, but live on.




CHARLEY: Right or wrong, whatever happens to Charley Pollard, I choose the Doctor to live.


SOUND CREATURE: *screams loudly* A-A-A Please, Mommy, please! I am your daughter!


CHARLEY: No. I will never have a daughter. That is a life closed to me now.


SOUND CREATURE: I am your daughter! Give me your brooch so I can go on!


CHARLEY: I’ll give my brooch. But not to you. To the Doctor.


DOCTOR: Are you sure?


CHARLEY: Take it. I am prepared to die so that you can live.




DOCTOR: Yes! And I am prepared to die, too! But only so tat you, Charley, can live!


SOUND CREATURE: But what about me, what about me?


DOCTOR: Sorry, there’s no room for a gooseberry.


SOUND CREATURE: Daddy, I beg you!


DOCTOR: I can’t help it.


SOUND CREATURE: But it isn’t fair!


DOCTOR: No, it isn’t. I’m sorry.


*The sound creature moans loudly, the moan turns into music, into high-pitched voice, then gets quiet*


SOUND CREATURE: Help me… Help me… Help…


CHARLEY: Is the music dead?


DOCTOR: No. Merely silenced.




DOCTOR: We could kill it, if you want. Do you want that?


CHARLEY: Do we have to?


DOCTOR: No. We could do it. We could destroy all sound we wanted.


CHARLEY: Can you get us back? To the way we were before?


DOCTOR: Why would you want that?




DOCTOR: Charley, we could go on. We could evolve further, see where that takes us.


CHARLEY: What would be good of that?


DOCTOR: It wouldn't have to be good or bad. We could set the limits on goodness.


CHARLEY: Doctor, I don't understand.


DOCTOR: You see, it could be just a new beginning. We could just press forward, keep on improving, using all effects and which held us back.

We could lord over the Kromon, we could be greater than the Sensor, morw powerful even than Koth.


CHARLEY: What are these things, what are you talking about?


DOCTOR: I don't know what they are, but it doesnt matter. We don't need to know anything. We can BE everything. Explore this new universe? Why so that when we could become the new universe! Evolve onwards and upwards or more!


CHARLEY: Can you get us out of here?


DOCTOR: I can crack open this glass prison like an eggshell. See?


*the sound of shattered glass*


Charley, we could crack this world open.


CHARLEY: But I don't want that. I want the Doctor and Charley back again. I want the Doctor.


DOCTOR: The Doctor? That self-sacrificing fool? I could be better than that. We could be better!


CHARLEY: But that's who I want. That's who I need. The man who had everything, yet would give it up for something as small as me.


DOCTOR: And now we have everything again.


CHARLEY: I don't want everything. I want you. I want the Doctor.


DOCTOR: I don't want to be without you, Charley.


CHARLEY: You won't be.


DOCTOR: I need you. I can't be on my own again.


CHARLEY: Let me go. Set us free. You won't be alone, I promise.


DOCTOR: Yes. The Doctor and Charley. As it always was. Push away from me.


CHARLEY: There's nothing to push against.


DOCTOR: Push against my mind.


*the sound of flesh ripped*


That's it, Charley, you're doing it.


*the gurgling noise of the flesh torn*


CHARLEY: Uh! I'm whole again.

My hands, I can move my hands. Doctor, we're back.


DOCTOR: Thank you, Charley.

Thank you for saving me.


CHARLEY: I promise. I need you too.


DOCTOR: You will always be a part of me now, inside. And I will always be a part of you.


CHARLEY: I know. I'm glad.


DOCTOR: Here, your brooch.


CHARLEY: Thank you. But I don't need it anymore.


*she drops the brooch on the glass floor*


That life is over now, isn't it.


DOCTOR: Yes, I'm afraid so.


CHARLEY: Don't be. It's quite a hole you've punched in a glass wall!

We can leave.


DOCTOR: Remember, we were kept alive in here deliberately. But out there it's a different story. We are trapped here, on this one planet, without the TARDIS. Lost in a new universe. We can't know what it's like.


CHARLEY: I'm ready to find out, if you are.




CHARLEY: Come on. Take my hand.


DOCTOR: But we can see now, we don't need to hold on to each other.


CHARLEY: I know. Take my hand anyway.


*They walk out of the glass tube and away. The wind is howling outside*


1:28:01 Doctor Who Theme



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